Work In Progress / 03 December 2019

Crystal Generator Tool #5: UI

After heavy experimentation with the different functionalities the tool could have, I decided to separate out the Mesh Generation from the Customisation tab. This is now shown in a 2x2 grid with the main mesh elements on the top and the customisation on the bottom row.

After working on the mesh generation code, I realised the original concept of creating the crystals through code would not be a good solution to this generation due to finding out the normal code for a Primitive Cube is an extensive amount which I would not be able to implement even with knowing the pseudo code.

Working on a new system, I decided that creating a set amount of meshes that the tool can pull models from would be the best course of action. I added the array to the GUI, as well as new parameters which dictate how many are instantiated, how they are scaled and how they are positioned in a circle relative to one another in order to create a cluster type feel.

Overall, this has become an excellent update of progress and it is definitely motivating to see something finally come out of the tool. Onto the next update!