Pirate Character Development #1: A New Project!

Work In Progress / 27 January 2020

Character design is something I haven't really attempted to do... ever, so taking on this task is something that I will find very valuable to my skillset. I have to create a 3D character, texture it and animate it in an idle animation loop. Once I complete the base mesh, I plan to sculpt the character within ZBrush for detail, texture within the Substance Suite and animate in-engine inside of 3DSMax; finally, I will upload the idle, rigged character to Sketchfab to be presented in a 3D view.

After looking online, I was greeted with a variety of tutorials for body and face low-poly modelling from a box, where I used a reference image from Robin Keijzer as my inspiration for this task as I plan to use his character for this development. Starting out this wasn't too challenging, as it required simply following a guide and making sure that the modelling looked smooth and consistent when smoothed out (as it would be in ZBrush).

During this process, I used Miro, an online whiteboarding tool, to create a series of images I could use as reference while sculpting, texturing and animating. By using these reference images I should be able to incorporate these ideas into the Substance Suite and create unique and appealing materials for my character.

While working on the base mesh, I discovered that I should include some details with the base as you would not see any of the elements underneath; for this character, this would mean the beard and armour. I started working on these late at the weekend (due to my laptop dying! :( ) and finally got a headshape I am happy with to start sculpting, I just need to get some form of hands working and work out my proportions for the body.