Making Of / 26 June 2020

Learning Visualisation #1: Substance Alchemist and HDRP

In the essence of learning something new while job-hunting and waiting for COVID-19 to stop being a thing, I've decided to look further into ArchViz, Unity's HDRP, Substance Alchemist and customisation interactions to create an Architectural Visualisation of the room my PC is currently in.

As a checklist I'd like to try and refine my skills on the following:

  • Real-time rendering
  • Substance Suite, including learning Alchemist
  • Modelling within Blender
  • Creating a customisable experience within Unity which would allow clients to change the materials and parameters within the visualisation to better suit their interests

Starting off, I have begun practicing my skills in Substance Alchemist. I looked into the Image2Bitmap algorithm and tried it on the carpet in the following steps:

Take a photo reference on my Samsung Galaxy S9.

Refine the image and colour correct it appropriately.

Followed a guide by Grzegorz Baran about creating a material within Alchemist from a photo reference.

Exported the maps into Marmoset Toolbag for the final render.

Upon doing this, I went into Unity 2019.3's HDRP and have begun creating the scene utilising a HDRI map and a basic floor for the textures. Currently, it is quite hard to gauge lighting etc. but I assume this will become easier as the project begins to have some form of building with windows etc.