Work In Progress / 20 November 2019

Crystal Generator Tool #3: Adding Texture

One of the core components of the crystals I wanted to implement was adding refraction which could be affected by the texture the designer wants to add to their crystals. I added a texture node within Shadergraph which can be readily changed in my UI as well as implementing texture co-ordinates so the texture can move on the horizontal and vertical axis as designated by the user.

I also added the functionality for Shadergraph to create a normal map from the texture supplied to add a bit more realism to the design itself; by doing this, the light can refract using the normals and the crystals can then have a bit of added geometry which doesn't affect the polygon count.

I think it may be worth looking into the feedback I receive shortly and add this to the development of the tool, as I am not quite happy with the position of it yet - is it possible to achieve the crystal I want visually?