Work In Progress / 20 November 2019

Crystal Generator Tool #1: Concept and Implementation

For an assignment, we have to create a product we can sell - this could be a game, app, tool etc. Wanting to work with shaders and the roles of a technical artist, I have decided to combat a tool which would allow a designer to create a crystal and save out the prefab to use within the scene itself. 

This generator tool would include (in order of priority):

  • Colour customisation using EditorGUILayout.ColorField.
  • Size/Amount of points customisation using integers.
  • Pattern/Noise customisation for the noise shader using textures.
  • Reflection customisation.
  • A ‘randomise’ function to allow the generation of random crystals – allow constraints to be customised using [MinMax in Unity UI].

Stretch Goals:

  • The ability to ‘paint’ the crystals onto the scene for easier placing.
  • Growing crystals.

Looking at these similar examples there seems to either be a ‘generator OR pretty’ dynamic happening within the Unity Store; the assets seem to either be very aesthetically appealing or actually have a generator that works – but not both.

I believe the idea I am proposing here could work due to its gap in the market, and it would allow me to have an excellent portfolio piece with technical art.