Pirate Character Development #2: Jumping into ZBrush

Work In Progress / 13 February 2020

Part of me became too excited to jump straight into sculpting and ended up using the head from my base mesh to start sculpting and practising brush techniques. I learned a great deal about how brushes work, which ones effect geometry realistically and which ones didn't - I mainly looked into a custom Orb Brush package which allowed me to have some skin and hair textures, as well as some others for details such as warts etc.


I used a reference image to begin sculpting some of the details in his hear and beard, noting the widows peak and beard hair detail. Overall, I was pretty happy with the sculpt I had created as it showed some good detail I could take further into ZBrush. However, this became my downfall as I did not have a side reference for this character, and the proportions were not as good as they should be; I found this out through asking for feedback in 'The Club' Discord server, and discovered I had proportions which were inaccurate.

Shown above, the facial and head hair were not accurate and need to be re-worked into a future sculpt; the ears and head shape were also too close to the original base mesh, which because I added a lot of clay to get the hair, was now warped forward.

I have decided to take a step back from being too excited, and look into the basics of character creation once more inside ZBrush without a 3DSMax base mesh.