Crystal Generator Tool


Unity Developer

3D Artist

The Crystal Generator Tool aims to be a customisable experience where the user is able to use the UI to generate, manipulate and customise a set of crystals to their content; allowing for multiple variations in size, colour and quality for the individual to include within their scenes.

The asset is available for purchase from the Unity Asset Store using this link.

The tool offers a custom Unity GUI window which features multiple sliders and customisable material options for the user. Using these, they are able to customise the material made for the crystals and then save out the prefab and materials for future use.

A variety of different crystals utilising different textures, colour and emissive values which are shown in the demo scene for the tool.

Another view of the crystals which show the refractive properties of the materials.

There are 20 Crystal meshes available for use within the tool with options to add more into the /Meshes/ folder. These are all clustered in a circle formation for the tool when the 'cluster generation' aspect is used.