Mayterials 2020


Material Artist

Mayterials is a challenge hosted by The Club Discord Server to create a new material every day using Substance Designer. I took part during COVID-19 to learn and improve my existing skills; making exciting and details materials for use within game engines!

Day 01 – Nature | I tried to get back into Designer with a complex one; hexagons are definitely challenging!

Day 01 – Nature Node Breakdown

Day 02 – Beach | I focused on the details of the sand and cloth to try and make it look like a beach towel.

Day 02 – Beach Node Breakdown

Day 03 – Harvest | I experimented with the Splatter nodes for this one. I didn't get it how I wanted, but was great to learn!

Day 03 – Harvest Node Breakdown

Day 04 – Sin | This one was fun! I enjoyed using splatter and tiles to make lots of variants!

Day 04 – Sin Node Breakdown

Day 05 – Adventure | Getting the holes right was slightly confusing at first but I feel like it ended up pretty realistic!

Day 05 – Adventure Node Breakdown

Day 06 – Circus | This one made me hungry. I enjoyed getting the details and the sugar reflections on this one!

Day 06 – Circus Node Breakdown

Day 07 – Ancient | This is probably my favourite one this week as I experimented with Edge Detect to get dirt around the details – was fun!

Day 07 – Ancient Node Breakdown

Day 08 – Junk | Really enjoyed making my 'Yikeez' Chocolate bar; learning a workflow for damaged elements was very beneficial.

Day 08 – Junk Node Breakdown

Day 09 – Quilted | Tried to replicate my own blanket here. The stitches were fun to try and replicate!

Day 09 – Quilted Node Breakdown

Day 10 – Vaporwave | I focused on emission and height here while retaining the original 'vaporwave' image you see online a lot.

Day 10 – Vaporwave Node Breakdown

Day 11 – Electrical | On this solar panel, I tried to focus on the details in height and roughness.

Day 11 – Electrical Node Breakdown

Day 12 – Meal | This one was hard; trying to get a crumbly feel along with some melted chocolate was definitely a challenge!

Day 12 – Meal Node Breakdown

Day 13 – Time | I LOVED making this; being able to focus on an Avengers-themed element was super fun. I tried to focus on extreme displacement and emission within Marmoset and I think it came out just like the Time Stone!

Day 13 – Time Node Breakdown

Day 14 – Musical | This one was quite quick; I took what I had learned this week and tried to make a material in less than 30 minutes and now we have this Disco Ball!

Day 14 – Musical Node Breakdown