Snow Shader Study

Unreal Engine 4 - Snow Shader Study: Scene Showcase

Kyle tugwell snowshadernodes

This node graph has parameters allowing a user to customise which materials are used for the masking within the snow shader. These can be instanced and used for multiple materials and assets within the scene.

Kyle tugwell snowshadernodes mf

This material function calculates the snow trails by using the location, footprint render target and a persistent texture to retain the texture which masks out the tessellation of the main material.

Kyle tugwell s1602904 ct6007poster

This poster aims to bridge the content of my written thesis and my practical development within my snow shader.

Unreal Engine 4 - Snow Shader Study: Material Showcase

Kyle tugwell snowport
Kyle tugwell snowrocksport
Kyle tugwell snownodes
Kyle tugwell sandport
Kyle tugwell sandnodes
Kyle tugwell asphaultport
Kyle tugwell asphaultnodes
Kyle tugwell grassport
Kyle tugwell grassnodes

Following my written thesis on weather in games, I looked into snow shaders and the material creation process within Unreal Engine 4. Using a pipeline of Substance Designer, Marmoset Toolbag and Unreal Engine 4, I created a shader which works with tessellation, channel packing and masks to create dynamic snow trails and a system which allows users to place their own assets and textures, allow them to be affected by the snow and imported into the scene using my shader.

January 13, 2020