Dock Art Test

Kyle tugwell finalrender

The initial render matching the perspective of the reference image.

Kyle tugwell k

The reference image taken from an Art Test from SplashDamage. This image was released to first year students at the University of Gloucestershire to attempt an art test; I decided to attempt this to retain my skills within Substance and 3DSMax.

Kyle tugwell downrender

A lower view to focus on side textures and the ocean. Here it can be noted how some of the shapes are very simple and have been textured with normal maps to increase their detail without adding polygons to the piece.

A dock art test was given to First Year students at the University of Gloucestershire during my placement year. I decided to also adapt the project myself to work on my 3D skills as well as my texturing! I definitely think I've improved a lot in terms of UVing correctly. I created this using Substance Painter and a Vector Displacement Map for the ocean.

January 18, 2019