Cyberpunk Enviroment - 100 Years in the Future

We created a timelapse to show off our work and its workflow from beginning to end. I definitely think the editing allowed the work to shown smoothly and thoroughly.

Kyle tugwell 1920x1080

The reference image we were given of the Regent Arcade in Cheltenham, England. We had to match the perspective for our projects.

Kyle tugwell s1602904 sketches

After getting the perspective right in 3DSMax, I sketched some ideas over it using a drawing tablet and used it as a strong reference for my models.

Kyle tugwell 028

The final 3D render using Mental Ray. I focused on using lighting, emissive materials and post processing to achieve the cyberpunk look I needed.

Using the techniques we had covered in Semester 2 of First Year, we had to use 3DSMax 2017 with Mental Ray to create and render a 3D environment either 100 years in the past or future, using a reference image from Cheltenham, England. I achieved a First grade for this work.

January 22, 2019