Beyond Branding

Kyle tugwell s1602904 gameposter

A Poster created for 'Beyond: The Game' depicting dimensional travel and using colour to emphasise the key elements of the poster.

Kyle tugwell s1602904 gameinsert

Using our poster, we had to make a game insert which depicted advertising and a backstory for the game. I thoroughly enjoyed this as it was interesting seeing how a product could look on the shelves.

Kyle tugwell s1602904 gamecdcover

Using our poster, we also had to make the CD Art. I decided to make the CD show the art of 'inside the orb' as it would be inside of the case with the orb on it. I did use a template for the text to make it look professional and as realistic as possible.

Kyle tugwell s1602904 environment

This environment was created in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. This was my first attempt a digital drawing and the techniques I learned allowed it to look like the beginning of a concept art.

Kyle tugwell s1602904 character

This character was created in Photoshop using real-life references of a model. Alike the environment, I used a drawing tablet and the techniques I had learned to create a character with some likeness to the original with use for marketing.

Using the techniques we had covered in Semester 1 of First Year, we had to use the Adobe Suite to create marketing material based around the word 'Beyond'. I learned some new techniques with Graphic Design and digital painting and definitely felt an improvement within these skills. I attained a 2:1 grade for this work.

January 22, 2019