COMX19 Branding

Kyle tugwell white
Kyle tugwell comxlogosketches

Looking into other exhibition logos and the past COMX logos, I sketched out a bunch of different designs for the client and got them to pick their favourites.

Kyle tugwell comxlogosrefined

After attaining eight favourites, I refined them using Illustrator with colour variations for further choice.

Kyle tugwell comxlogo refinement

Once the preferred logo had been selected, I created variants of the pixels breaking off as well as taglines for the exhibition itself.

Kyle tugwell comxposter kyle v05

After five variations, the final poster showcases the School of Business and Technology at the University of Gloucestershire along with a sunset reflecting in the window - showcasing new horizons.

Kyle tugwell postcard1

The front-side of the postcard which displayed the logo and a semi-transparent version of the business school vector; accompanied with the sponsors of the event.

Kyle tugwell postcard2

The back-side of the postcard showcasing the dates, logo and other important information for the event.

COMX19 Promotional Trailer

During my placement year I was designated the responsibility of branding the COMX19 event for my university. I created various multimedia pieces for the event (such as posters, postcards, social media promotional content, videos and the website) which was used for promotion of the highly successful event.

COMX Website Link: (Please notify me if this link is down.)

December 12, 2019