Hi there! I’m Kyle.

I’m currently working as a Creative Technologist @ Nexus Studios!


Hey there, I’m Kyle!

I utilise game development, namely technical art and code, to create experiences and creative workflows to creative exciting and immersive content within virtual environments, experiences and showcases; also creating visual and tooling elements to streamline the workflow of the teams.

Headstrong and focused on the improvement of myself and the team, and to create innovative projects with new technological methods and efficient workflows.


Technical Art ● Unreal Engine ● Unity ● C# ● XR Content ● Material and Shader Creation ● Autodesk 3DS Max ● Adobe Creative Suite ● Substance Suite ● Team Leadership and Management ● Branding

Previous Productions


Unity Developer / Technical Artist


House of the Dragon: DracARys • Mobile Game


August 2022

House of the Dragon: DracARys (iOS App Store/Google Play) [Link]

DracARys is an augmented reality application where users can raise a dragon from an egg to an adult with a variety of interactions such as feeding, petting and socialising. As the dragon grows it will develop its own unique appearance, behaviour and abilities entirely dependent on your personal interactions with it, eventually reaching full adulthood, ready to explore the outside world.

DracARys works using Niantic's Lightship ARDK and features fully fledged AR interactions with the environment around, allowing the dragon to be behind objects and around others in real time.

My Experience


Creative Technologist

Unity Developer (Freelance)


Nexus Studios


May 2023 – Present

At Nexus, I am working as a Creative Technologist utilising game engines such as Unity and Unreal to create exciting experiences.

From May 2023 – July 2023, I freelanced as a Unity Developer on a exciting project which is NDA’d. Maybe in the future I can talk about it, stay tuned. :)


Creative Technologist


The Mill


April 2022 – April 2023

At The Mill, I was a Creative Technologist utilising game engines such as Unity and Unreal to create applications, innovative experiences and visuals for clients. I mainly worked with XR and Unity innovations in order to showcase how experience can be perceived through new and exciting breakthroughs. Notable aspects include VR (Meta, HTC, Pico), multi-user projects, audio and animation integration and tool creation.

As well as development, I supported deck creation with visuals (Adobe Suite), experience demos and knowledge. I also shared and innovated with potential clients and students through attending and speaking at industry events such as Unite 2022 and University of Gloucestershire's GameX 2023.


Immersive & 3D Developer


Sonovision UK


August 2020 – April 2022

As a developer at Sonovision UK, I was tasked with the lead creation of XR content, applications and visuals; this mainly consisted of training simulations, application demos/finalisations and 3D animations/renders. I also assisted with 2D and 3D designs to adapt and create assets fit for purpose for the Studio, utilising programs such as the Adobe Suite, 3DSMax, Unity, Unreal, Intuiface and the Substance Suite.

I initially solely (and later as a team) developed for SO-VRsatile, Sonovision UK's VR training application product, utilising Unity and Oculus/Meta. This allow users to connect to a multiplayer system for training users inside of VR; following instructions and interactions to replicate real life interactions and reduce the cost of training within aviation, construction etc.

My Education


Computer Games Design


University of Gloucestershire


September 2016 – May 2020

Grade Achieved: First Class Honours

I have completed my study of Computer Games Design at the University of Gloucestershire; graduating with a First Class Honours. I completed various projects during this education under multiple roles including: Project Manager, 3D Animator, Web Designer, Technical Artist etc. as university enabled us to find the roles fit for us during development.

- During the first year, I took modules consisting of: Games Production (70%), Creative Skills for Design (64%), Digital Media Design and Development (72.5%), and Introduction to 3D Modelling (71%) modules and achieved a 2:1 with an average mark of 69.3%.

- During the second year, I took modules consisting of: User Interaction Studies (77.5%), Level Design (67.5%), Multimedia Web Development (74%) and 3D Animations for Games (71.5%) and achieved a first with an average mark of 73%.

- During my final year, I took modules consisting of: Individual Research Project (75%), Indie Game Development (75%), Advanced Concepts in Web Production (80%), Advanced Group Project (68%), Creative Visualisation and Animation (74%) and 3D Character Development (74%) and achieved a first with an average mark of 74%.


Interactive Media

(UAL Level 3)


New College Stamford


September 2014 – June 2016

Grade Achieved: Distinction

- During this course, I learned the basic principles of the Adobe Suite and 3D Modelling, as well as improving in my skills of digital manipulation and video editing. Throughout, I excelled in starting projects with new software, as well as challenging myself with starting my career in games using RPGMaker and Unreal Engine 4 with no prior experience.

- During 2015-16, I was also the Course Representative for Interactive Media, and represented the college during Open Days and various exhibitions.

- I achieved a Distinction grade in both years of education, and an award for "Excellence" in my second year for the course itself.